The elite investor programme

One of the core values of TICN is the commitment to making investment education simple, fun, and easily accessible to anyone. Knowledge in itself has little value, unless it is understood well and used effectively. At TICN we are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to learn, retain and reuse our knowledge. […]

4 Ways to identify the best times to buy shares

Current Share Price What’s the current share price? Look at the past highs and lows. Price appreciation Price appreciation of the company and it’s potential to grow in the next 12 months. Sales V Earnings Look for a company where the profit rate of growth Current Share Price What’s the current share price? Look at […]

What is The Investment Club Network?

The Investment Club Network -TICN The Investment Club Network -TICN– provides education, coaching and support and organise educational seminars to help people and business owners to understand the world of investment-shares, options, securities and equities. We help you understand how their prices move, what factors affect them and by what mechanisms the markets reflect these […]

Investing ; Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Investment Tips Investments can experience short-term movement, don’t panic! Long term investors should look at the big picture. Be confident in your investment – remember the “plan”.. For long term investors gains come from years of investing. Keep focused on your end goal. One of the toughest parts of investing is that we are trying […]

Be ready to be wowed!

One of the younger graduates of the TICN Educational Modules recently won a paper trading competition by beating over 800 adults in a seminar turning 100,000 into over 2 million. This eleven year old now holds the world record for this specific type of pa One of the younger graduates of the TICN Educational Modules […]

How to Become Financially Free

Income minus expenditure equals surplus Income minus expenditure equals surplus to invest with. Surplus income buys assets that give you extra income.Extra income allows you to buy more assets, that give you even more income to but even more assets and this in turn allows you to buy more assets and so on.Your assets minus […]

4 First Time Investors Tips

Investing the” Right Way” Plan a strategy. If you don’t plan where you’re going…you are not going anyhere. To grow your wealth you need a plan!All Smart investment decisions start with a plan. Research Find out about any company you want to invest in. And when you invest in any stock, keep up with company […]